October 23, 2014

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image by Stefan Buda, Australia

An LPOD from 7.5 years challenged Stefan, and he more than bested it. The excellent LPOD of March 20, 2007 ended with this observation and statement: Finally, there are three other very faint objects here which might not have been reported before. Just east and northeast of Reinhold B (just above Reinhold) are three 50-60 km long segments of linear rilles that angle towards the southeast. They are not visible on the Lunar Orbiter IV frame. Sometimes when I say that something hasn’t been seen before, I receive images that do show it - I hope that happens now for these are so faint that strong confirmation would be welcome. Stefan's image postdates the one from 2007 but it definitely confirms the existence of the three old linear rilles (top-left of image) battered by secondary craters from Copernicus. We also have now, which we didn't in 2007, the LRO QuickMap that also confirms them, but sadly no super high resolution NAC images are available for that area. Stefan's image also captures the inner ring of the Gambart J concentric crater (lower center of image), and the odd rille that starts at a mare ridge (above Gambart). Wrinkle ridges are fractures thru the mare material, and this one apparently allowed magma to escape to the surface and travel about 60 km to the south. This rille is not included in the LPI Atlas of Lunar Sinuous Rilles. Enjoy exploring other parts of Stefan's fine image.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
03 October 2014. 16" Dall-Kirkham, DMK21AU04 camera, Astrodon R filter, four panel mosaic.

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