May 27, 2024

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Harvest Moon Rising

Originally published February 7, 2014 LPOD-Feb7-14.jpg
image by Edward Montes

Last September my wife and I went to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico to attend their monthly "Full Moon Hike". The sun was setting in the west and generating crepuscular rays that went across the entire sky. They converged as anti-crepuscular rays in the east, around the rising full moon. The shape of the cloud is certainly evocative of other events that occurred in the New Mexican desert. But this cloud was less explosive, being a "Cumulo Nimbus" formation that was pretty distant from our location. It's basically a thunderhead storm cloud with perhaps a downpour at the bottom of the column.

Edward Montes

Technical Details
9/18/2013 7:16pm. Camera: Canon SX40 HS; Exposure Time: 1/30 sec; F-Stop: f/3.2

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