February 2, 2023

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The Moon or a Paellera?

Originally published March 11, 2013 LPOD-Mar11-13.jpg
image by DANIKXT@telefonica.net, Spain
(a true story)

Having a coffee in my brother-in-laws restaurant I could see through the door into the back what looked like one of those promotional decorations that companies give their customers. Was it a wall clock - I said to myself - but it obviously is missing hands. But the shades of gray are beautiful, like the colors of the Moon. Is it possible to find a Tycho hidden in the face? I told my wife to look at that most beautiful Moon decoration; I'm going to ask the by brother-in-law where he got it. My wife with a face of surprise (it won't be the last) said: do you mean the paella pan? Thing is, this affects me seriously. My wife is already resigned, as is my brother-in-law in a gesture of concern I noticed when I mentioned it. I leave this photo for you to judge if it I was very wrong or if I should take seriously the recommendation to go to the shrink.


PS: If the bottom of the paella pans - paellera - are able to represent the Moon with this tonal range, imagine how good they must be for the paella my sister-in-law prepares...

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