October 24, 2014

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5° Beyond the Limb

image by Patricio Leon

This dramatic oblique view of Pythagoras look-alike Sklodowska crater is but a small segment of the wide Apollo 17 panoramic photo recently released in HR by Arizona State University. Sklodowska is an old, twin peak crater with worn terraces that lies at the eastern limb of the Moon, just beyond direct sight. Her spouse crater, Curie, is seen at the extreme left limb on today´s photo and is an even older crater ruined by nearby impacts that created Humboldt and Sklodowska, as well as several smaller craters. It has been caught in images taken from Earth. Just above the right (NW) rim of Sklodowska on the image appears a young craterlet in profile, which has a prominent ray system that signals an oblique impact from the east – it aids finding the main crater at the limb during very favorable librations.

Patricio Leon
CAW Note: Is this the only married couple on the Moon?

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