October 22, 2014

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Edge Details

west up image by Maximilian Teodorescu, Dumitrana (Ilfov), Romani

The western edge of Mare Tranquillitatis is very rich with rilles and volcanic features. Best known are the two large Arago domes, and even the three small ones extending towards Maclear (Mc) have become known to LPOD visitors. As resolution has increased over the last few years more and more small rilles have been recognized. Max's recent image captures many of these smaller features but also two wider, older, flat-floored rilles that are only infrequently seen. The two sets of white lines on the small image at left mark these rilles, which perhaps are extensions of the Ariadaeus and similar rilles further west. These are older rilles that have been veneered, almost to oblivion, with Tranquillitatis lavas and its Sosigenes Rilles that formed afterwards. At the north end of the same rille system younger lavas have covered part of the rille (location C) So if the rilles system all formed at the same time, Tranquillitatis lavas didn't. Another topic: Along the top of Max's image are two broad areas, marked with white dashes, that shadows indicate are higher, almost as if they are old flow fronts. But Clementine color images show that the higher material is a different color and thus is a different composition than Tranquillitatis lavas. They are high-standing remnants of older lavas. Finally, features marked A and B are lines of volcanic depressions that we have noticed before.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
October 14, 2014; C11@F/20, ASI120MM with Baader Red filter. 700 out of 3000 frames were stacked. Seeing 8/10. Images are resized at 150% due to a 1.5x drizzle.

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