February 1, 2009

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Pseudo or Real Scarp?

image by Pavel Presnyakov, Kiev, Ukraine

My first impression is of a linear scarp from Hippalus to the upper-left corner. And then I remember that the scarp along this side of Humorum is the Kelvin Scarp, the diagonal line of mountains just catching the Sun toward bottom left. Since the crater whose rim is just illuminated at the top of the upper diagonal shadow from Hippalus is Loewy, if this feature were named it would be the Loewy Scarp. Is it real? What is causing it to look so straight? Searching past LPODs brings back Wes Higgin's great image, this one, and Wes'?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
06.01.2009, 16:30 UT. 350 mm newtonian + barlow 3x + extender + Vac-135, b/w 1280x1024; 497 frames from 2500 in AviStack and Registax.

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