February 2, 2009

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Don't Burp

image by Raffaello Lena, Rome, Italy

The first bite from the Planetary Energy Processor has gnawed into the eastern limb of the Moon. The material removed is converted to mountain-sized pellets and the mass transformed directly into energy. Although Einstein's equation suggests that the 7.36 × 10^22 kilograms of the Moon will produce an unimaginable quantity of energy, it actually will last only three years, what with the voracious energy consumption of Earth's 27 billion inhabitants and the major terraforming project on Mars. There was some reluctance to remove the Moon, especially from romantics and the small LPOD cult, but deep sky observers were able to convince the dominant Earth is China Federation that the Moon had served its purpose and that this would be an accidental way to eliminate the pesky rebel cities buried under so many of the crater floors.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Details on image - read quickly before PEP's next bite.

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