January 31, 2009

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It's Only a Paper Moon, 2.0

model created by Tetsuya Saitou and found at Canon Creative Park

Papercraft is the word for 3-D paper models and PaperKraft is a neat website that features printoutable patterns to cut, bend, and glue to construct such models. Most tend to be characters from anime, manga and video games, but clever people contribute (just like for LPOD) all kinds of fascinating things. This Moon globe and stand is the third paper Moon globe featured in LPOD, and the least detailed and scientific - but still fun and perhaps a good project for kids and incorrigible Moon globe collectors. Use a color printer to print out 14 pages of pdf files and have fun. And if you like this, try the the other astronomical items such as a sun dial, a planisphere, or the harder Copernican system automata!

Chuck Wood

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