December 16, 2013

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A Personal Remembering

image by Maximilian Teodorescu, Dumitrana (Ilfov), Romania

Great times for all space enthusiasts these days. It's been a while since I've last witnessed such a memorable event like Saturday's Moon landing achieved by China. It actually reminded me of the Mars Pathfinder landing together with the deployment of Sojourner rover on the surface of Mars back in 1997. After those superb moments, the US continued with a panoply of space probes, on Mars and other celestial objects. And it seems that is exactly what China will be doing in coming years with the Moon. I can only hope I will be one of the billions of witnesses of the China's manned Moon landing. I've missed the '69 landings because of "poor planning" (I was not yet born) but who knows, maybe I'll even get a chance at the so-long planned human missions to Mars. Until then, we'll all get new in situ images from the lunar surface. Somewhat funny, but 16 hours in advance of the Chang'e-3 probe landing I was imaging the Sinus Iridium area with my telescope. The resulting image is a personal remembering of these recent events.

Maximilian Teodorescu

Technical Details
December 13, 2013, 20:40 UT, C 11 @F/10, ASI120MM for details, Canon 550D for colors. 4-image mosaic, each a 500 fame stack out of 1000. Seeing 3/10.

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