December 17, 2013

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Cosmic Target

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

Yesterday, I went out in the hope of spotting some Geminids. Most meteor observers like moonless nights but there is even worse… clouds!

Some of my best memories of Moon observations are from cloudy nights. I am not talking of telescopic views at high magnification of course but more the incredible beauty of naked eye or binocular views. The Moon can look eerie and surealistic as in a big budget science fiction movie from Hollywood, and I love those moments especialy that it's all free :-)

So, back to yesterday. As soon as I got out the clouds started to cover the sky and I noticed a colorful corona around the Moon, probably from tiny droplets in the clouds. I took many pictures and not two are alike. I would like to send them all to you but here is one.

Peter Rosén

Technical Details
Dec 13, 2013. Canon Eos5D MkII with a 70-200/2.8 zoom. I also used an iOptron SkyTracker to track the Moon and keep it sharp.

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