September 8, 2012

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Moonrise Over Veszprem

image by Monika Landy-Gyebnar, Veszprem, Hungary

Some bad wildfires are burning in the Balkanian region south of Hungary and the sourherly winds are bringing their smoke above us in great masses (see the weather satellite image). On Saturday observers from East Hungary reported a very dark red Moon rising; that day my place was cloudy - but it cleared Sunday afternoon. The Moon rose invisibly and became noticable only at 5 degrees altitude - there were no clouds, only the wildfire smoke blocked its light. I began to take a series of pics as it climbed higher and then made a composite of them which shows the changes of the colours within 15 minutes. The Moon still remained light orange after it reached a higher altitude.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2012-09-02. Nikon D5100 with 300mm Nikkor lens; ISO320; F5.6; 1/1.6 sec. exposures for each photo. Photos stacked with Startrails sofware.

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