September 7, 2012

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Familiar Target

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

Almost 2 years ago I answered an ad to buy a used Orion Optics CT-10 Newton telescope from England. As I spend days and sometimes even weeks to process my images of the Moon and the planets I thought it would be wise to get myself a really good instrument. When it finally arrived, first light was a big deception. Something was very wrong with the optics and the scope proved impossible to collimate. An inspection showed that the mirror cell was bent probably from rough handling during shipping. Fortunately the excellent mirror was unhurt. I have spent the 2 years to solve the problems and step by step, when the turbulence is cooperative I think that my images are getting sharper and showing more details. When finished, I like to compare these features to the LRO Quick Map to better understand what I see.

Peter Rosén

Technical Details
11 August 2012 at 02h 24mn UT. Orion Optics CT-10 f/4,8 with DMK-41AF02 camera, red filter and 2,5x Powermate.

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