September 3, 2014

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More Stüff About Stöfler

image by Richard "Rik" Hill, Tucson, AZ

This is the highlands area around the large crater Stöfler. That crater is the one filled with shadow on the terminator just above center. The smaller Faraday is also filled with shadow just to the right of Stöfler. Note the jumble of small craters on the south edge of these two craters. Above and to the right is the large crater Maurolycus. Older craters to the below and to the left were all but obliterated when this crater was formed about the same time as Stöfler and Faraday (3.9 billion years ago). Now look just below Maurolycus, center right in this image, to the pummled crater Clairaut with the young crater in the bottom. Look just above that to bean shaped Clairaut D with sunlight just catching the tops of it's walls. More odd shaped craters can be seen just above the mostly shadow filled crater Jacobi at the bottom of the image.

Richard "Rik" Hill

Technical Details
May 17, 2013. Mosaic made from 6 images, each stacked 300/1500 frames. Additional processing with GIMP and IrfanView, and the final montage made with AutoStitch.

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