September 2, 2014

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Lying Images

left image by Alex Sanz, Ayllón (Spain), and right image from LRO QuickMap

Images can be deceiving. When I looked at Alex's low Sun view of flat-floored Stofler and Faraday I was impressed with the sharp-rimmed craters, especially the one on the upper left rim of Stöfler. This crater, Stöfler K, has a bright interior wall and a sharply defined rim that cuts the rim of Stöfler. Looking at the much high illumination of the LRO QuickMap mosaic shows that K is older than I thought, with a slightly rounded rim crest, and an odd interior ridge that almost looks like another crater, only slightly smaller, formed in it. Even the sharp little crater balanced on the rim of K is seen to be not sharp rimmed at all - it has suffered significant erosion by bombardment by much smaller projectiles. If one image were to be used to judge the true condition of craters, the less attractive, higher Sun view would be the best. But I'd still prefer to see one like Alex's in the eyepiece of my telescope.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
17 August 2014, 04:53 U.T. C11 - f/30 - DMK31 - red filter

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