September 28, 2012

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Polar Geography*

image by Stefan Buda, Australia

Moretus is well known but craters beyond are harder to identify. Oh wait, look a little more closely. That isn't Moretus, its Schomberger, with SImpelius and it's peaked mountain in front of it. When the libration is this good and only the near limb area is seen it takes a good map to see what's what. Actually most maps aren't very good close to the limb so I am using the iPad app Moon HD to look straight down on this area near the South Pole. So I know that the large smooth floor crater almost at the limb is Amundsen, with Scott (and the bright little crater on its rim) in front, and Nobile elbowing in between Scoot and Amundsen on the right. Behind the small crater cutting Nobile's right rim is Faustini, and Shoemaker is just out of the image further right. Hedervári is left of Amundsen; is that Ganswindt beyond Hedervári? Beyond Ganswindt, on the Moon, not apparently on this image, is the rim of the twin-rimmed basin Schrodinger - that would be a great trophy for an Earth imager.

Chuck Wood
'* or Selenography for the purists

Technical Details
25 September 2012, 11:40 UT, 405mm Dall-Kirkham with DMK21AU04 and red filter. Four panel mosaic processed in Autostakkert2 and Iris.

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