September 27, 2012

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Squiggley Depths

LRO NAC anaglyph from NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

Get out your red-blue glasses to explore the depths and twists of this small rille complex. In the NASA press release this 3-D view is labelled Alpes Sinuous Rille, and the caption mentions that Apollo 15 astronauts landed on the edge of a Hadley Rille. I can't identify where this rille is because it was made from a stereo pair of NAC images so the area covered may be only 1-2 km wide; I am sure LPOD readers will find exactly where it is. The news accompanying the release of this image and three others is that they were made automatically. A team from Arizona State University and from the University of Arizona - two powerhouse planetary science institutions - devised the process to create these anaglyphs. As they are produced the anaglyphs will appear on the LRO website, but I don't see any there yet.

Chuck Wood
PS - I can't see stereo so have no real idea if this image has useful stereo

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