October 31, 2007

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Little Rilles and Ponds

image by Wes Higgins

Spaceship Higgins is in lunar orbit again. While some space agencies slowly build rockets or hide their data in vaults, Wes continues to take images of the Moon that reveal new features of the lunar landscape. This panoramic closeup shows Janssen, Fabricius and the southern part of Metius. Janssen’s broad central rille is seen to have a bulbous ridge within it, and to not be directly connected to the narrower curved ridge to the south. Three even narrower rilles continue the wide one to the southern edge of Janssen’s rim where a rille cuts through a round, smooth area that looks like a very shallow dome. More exciting small details are revealed in Fabricius. The southern part of the floor - see enhanced enlargement - is somewhat smooth and is cut by a short, bent rille. The southern rim of the crater is deformed - apparently Fabricius overlaps a small crater. Within the small crater is a smooth pond that is probably impact melt. This turns out to be known, but now it can be seen by all.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
October 29, 2007. 18″ Reflector, Infinity 2-1m camera, stack of 30 frames, MAP-21.

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