October 30, 2007

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Rims on the Limb

image by George Tarsoudis, Alexandroupolis, Greece

I can never get too much of the Orientale Basin. Perhaps its because its center is just over the western limb, so seeing it at all is a treat. And looking at it nearly sideways makes it a graphic companion to the vertical view we get of the Imbrium Basin and it Apennine ring. With the sunrise lighting in George’s excellent mosaic we can trace the rims of the larger Cordillera rim and the more irregular Rook ring by the shadows they cast. The moat area between the rings has fewer craters than the area outside the Cordillera because it was created during the impact and all the craters that previously existed there were destroyed. Lacus Autumni is visible as a slightly dark ribbon of smoothness on the right side of the moat. The two prominent craters breaking the Cordillera are Schlüter with its tall central peak, and Eichstadt, whose peaks are invisible in this view.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
Oct 26, 2007. Orion Optics telescope 10 inch at f/6.3, DMK 21AF04 at f/38, filter IR pass. 12 AVI files with 2500 frames, MAP 12 at Registax.

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