October 11, 2013

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Terminalogy Tutor

image by Claude Navarro, Toulouse (France)

Here is a different type of annotated image than we have had before. Rather than giving names of features of interest Claude provides the selenologic term for them. I always link to the chart in the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon (which is being reprinted) that gives the nomen- clature, but sometimes viewers may not quite know exactly what landforms look like when they read words like ejecta, rille or concentric crater. I like this example that Claude created and think I will assign making similar ones as an early exercise if I offer an online lunar geology course in the spring, as I'm considering.

Chuck Wood
Note: Those who follow l'image lunaire du jour, the French version of LPOD will recognize Claude's name - he is one of the faithful translators;
Merci, Claude!

Technical Details
August/30/2013, 04:00 UT. C14 + Basler 1300 + IR Pass 685 filter. Processing with Registax 6 (300 Images on 2000).

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