November 8, 2017

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I'm Going To the Moon

Originally published May 2, 2008 LPOD-May2-08.jpg
image from the send your name to the Moon website

When I was young I thought that I would get to travel to the Moon. And now I know I won't. So it is sort of sadly fun to add my name to the list - over 400,000 so far - of names to be taken to the Moon on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. My name will just be some bits in a digital file and there won't be a window seat but at the end of the year when we get the first LRO data I will have some some ownership in the mission. Maybe I'll call it Chuck Wood's LRO. Why don't you join me for the ride? Here is the ticket.

Chuck Wood

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(1) Chuck--Thanks for posting this information. My certificate number is 451625. Since we will be traveling to the Moon together, I can ask you all kinds of questions during the trip... :)

By the way, I think I may "own" part of the Moon. I remember as a young boy purchasing 1-square inch of the Moon in some kind of cereal box promotion. I wish I could find the "deed" and the other paperwork.


(2) Me too, me too! Slovenia is going to the Moon too ! My Certificate No is 454608. We'll be some sits apart, but's OK ;)
Aleksander Božič

(3) Me (455248) and my family will be in our 'virtual seats' some ways behind you all but if the 'cabin' is fairly quiet then we'll all be able to chat about the experience ;)... but it'll be a good thing that we get to stay at home incase the mission ends like SMART... wouldn't want to be onboard for that particular part (hee hee)

Bill - I also sent in a cereal boxtop and got a deed to some lunar land - and like you the deed is long gone.
It looks like we will have some good company on the way to the Moon - hope more sign on!

(4) Hey, don't worry! I've just been informed that all "tickets" from 400001 to 500000 will be together in one chamber! I've got 499468 and a window seat ;-)
See you all on board!
John Doukoumopoulos


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