November 25, 2008

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Comprehension Magnification

image taken and e-mailed from my iPhone

A month before Christmas and your spouse wants to know what present to get you. Considering the state of the economy you probably shouldn't suggest a new AP refractor or even a Nagler eyepiece. This is the time to get an inexpensive accessory that will allow you to see even more than those optical marvels: a book that explains what you are looking at and enhances the comprehension magnification of your equipment. I refer, modestly, to The Modern Moon: A Personal View. Less you think an author may be biased, here is what Paul Spudis said in his Astronomy magazine review of July 2004: Despite thirty years of study, I learn new things about the Moon every day, and I learned new things from this book. The Modern Moon is a wonderful guide to our nearest neighbor and is a must-own for any serious lunar observer.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Taken by my wife as I stand in the mess of an office still being unpacked from hundreds of boxes. A Venus globe and sabre-tooth tiger cast to the left and my Moon collection in the shelves behind. When it started LPOD said it was going to feature the people who study the Moon as well as the satellite itself. So lets do it! Please send in pictures of yourself and brief summary of your lunar obsessions. Here is some info about me, and some more!

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