May 4, 2009

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La Voyage Dans La Lune

images from étapes and And You Call Yourself a Scientists?

The first science fiction film was La Voyage dans la Lune in 1902. I had never seen this silent movie but have long been enchanted by its iconic image of the spacecraft projectile smashed into the eye of the Moon. But now multiple copies of the film are on YouTube. Watching a couple of these videos (because the best image quality has French narration, and one English narration is childishly sensationalistic) is enlightening to understand the story. Many of the enduring themes and images of science fiction movie emerge in this film. The Earthrise scene (bottom left) has become a staple for real lunar missions as well as fictional ones. Once on the Moon the Earthmen met Selenites and instantly attacked them, and then had to rush to escape, leaving outside the ship (bottom right) the courageous captain. This classic is fun - go enjoy it.

Chuck Wood

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