May 29, 2008

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Lunar Furniture

image from Ennezero Design

Lunar clocks and night lights have been around for awhile but I have just discovered lunar furniture. Designer Sotirios Papadopoulos created this piece of art for the Italian design company Ennezero. It is a sideboard - typically an unglamorous cabinent to hold plates of food that won't fit on the dining room table. Sotirios both conceived of the piece and created the luminous paint that glows in the dark. If you are having a romantic meal this may provide enough illumination to do without candles on the table. There is a photographic print quality image of full Moon, with southern Procellarum to the right and Tycho splashed across the top. This will be a collectors piece for only 24 will be made. Perhaps for the rest of us there could be a smaller, less exclusive piece, perhaps a wastebasket carrying an image of a minor world such as Phobos.

Chuck Wood

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(1) Nice... but I can't help think that maybe the above lunar decoration would be perfect for a range of Cheeseboards :-) Hee hee.


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