May 25, 2012

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Unequal Twins

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

Tonight the Moon and Venus were roughly at the same altitude and 13° apart in the sky looking almost like indistinguishable twins (just as Danny deVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger do about 2 minutes into the clip). One of these worlds is heading towards the Sun and the other just finished a remarkable transit (invisible from Sweden though). Venus was very easy to find visually with binoculars in the twilight while the moon was much harder as it faded into the background.

Peter Rosén

Technical Details
May 23, 2012. Venus was shot with a DMK41AF02 camera on a WO 110 FLT f/6,5 and a 2.5 x Televue Powermate at 20h05 UT and the moon was shot at 20h20 UT but without the Powermate. I let Venus remain 2.5x bigger to emphasize the similarity of their phases.

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