May 24, 2012

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Ridged Covering


There may only be one other person on the planet who can identify this patch of the Moon. With very high resolution imaging such a small piece of the lunar surface is shown that no one can identify it. This view is not quite down in the weeds, it depicts about 2.5 km from left to right, a small area but not a few hundred meters like a stard LRO high resolution strip. Lets just look at it to see what can be deduced. First, the view is oblique, looking across a field of ridges that extend horizontally. There are very few impact craters so this must be a young surface. But the swales suggest that the ridged material is a layer that buries older craters. About the only thing that can cover older topography and be young enough to not have many superposed impact craters is ejecta from a young crater. And the very youngest relatively large crater is the answer.

Chuck Wood

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