May 25, 2004

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A Grand New Lunar Atlas


A Grand New Lunar Atlas

This is a great time for students of the Moon! Since I reviewed five new lunar books in the May, 2001 issue of Sky & Telescope a number of additional new lunar publications have appeared. And the good news continues with the publication of Le Grand Atlas de la Lune by Thierry Legault and Serge Brunier. I have not yet seen this atlas but from tantalizing page examples on the web site describing it, and based on the past works of its authors, it looks like a superb new product. Legault is one of the most skilled lunar imagers ever and Brunier is the author of the magnificent Great Atlas of the Stars. The great Moon atlas has the same format as the great star atlas - large (11 x 14 in) and spiral bound. There are 26 phase images, apparently with transparent overlays showing feature names - this is the very best way to unambiguously identify features. Sixty interesting objects are also shown in closeup. Based on the sample pages above, the atlas has a lovely layout featuring Legault's excellent closeup images and descriptive text. Confusingly, the yellow finder circles show north up but the images are south up. I eagerly await this atlas for a couple of reasons. First, it looks very good and I look forward to using it. And second, the spiral bound format and closeups of interesting features with descriptive text is exactly the format that I have been exploring for a potential lunar atlas! Le Grand Atlas de la Lune is currently available at the French Amazon web site - brush up your French and get your Euros out!

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