May 24, 2004

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SW Limb Panorama



Image Credit: Rod Mollise

SW Limb Panorama

Every view of the Moon is different. Often, near the glare of full Moon, astro-imagers stay indoors, re-reading old S&Ts. But as Rod Mollise's nice mosaic of the 12 day old Moon demonstrates there is lots of detail waiting to be captured. This swath of the limb and near-limb includes a variety of favorite (and ought to be favorite) features. Starting on the left is the edge of Mare Humorum and then across a backwater to zebra-striped Schickard and over to the basin near Schiller. Older, flat-floored craters such as Schomberger and Klaproth hover north of Clavius. Moretus is a very much under-valued Tycho-look alike crater, but older since it lacks rays. East of Moretus the higher sun tends to pick out just the steep-sloped smaller craters, making identification of even named craters difficult.

Technical Details:
The Lunar Terminator on Day 12. SAC7B webcam and C11. Camera control and image acquisition with K3CCD Tools, processing with Registax 2, mosaic created with Imerge. This was taken using the Denkmeier Starsweeper reducer ahead of the camera, yielding a final focal ratio of approximately f/5.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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