May 24, 2020

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Another Moon Book Author

Originally published December 11, 2010 LPOD-Dec11-10.jpg
image by Phil Morgan

Edmund Neison was born in Beverley, Yorkshire, England in 1849 August 27, and was educated at Harrow in New College, Oxford. His real name was Edmund Neville Neison Nevill, but chose to call himself Edmund Neison because he felt that the holder of an ancient name should not make a career in science. In 1894 he married Mabel Grant and together they had three children. His book, The Moon, appeared in 1876 and for observations he made use of a 6-inch refractor and a 9 ½ inch With-Browning reflector. He was a founding member of the Selenographical Society, but resigned as secretary in 1883 because he left England for South Africa. When he returned to England he retired to Eastbourne and was awarded the Medal of the Chemical Society in 1935. He died on January 14th 1940. Neison was extremely camera shy and there no photographs of him that I know of, apart from the one above, given to Sir Patrick Moore by Neison’s daughter, Miss Maud Nevill. The image shows Edmund and his wife Mabel.

Phil Morgan

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Photo from Journal of the British Astronomical Association 75 (4) p. 328.

  • Click "Next page" to see examples of Neison's lunar drawings on pp. 329 and 330, or ask for p. 223 to read the article by Patrick Moore (pp. 223-227) which they, and the LPOD, illustrate.

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