May 14, 2013

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image by Raffaele Barzacchi

I continue to image the feeble "Rima W. Bond." As we see, even from the various maps and LROC, the rille in question has a "size" almost the same as the large crater W. Bond. Actually my personal effort, over many years of shooting, was dedicated to the first section (to the west) of the rille, of darker color. This time I managed to resolve it all and the "V" form took place at the classical one. Normally you easily see the second stretch eastward that is light in color. But the first is difficult and rarely seen. So after years of hunting ... I did it!
The crater in question is one of the oldest, is very large and fairly level. Inside there are many structures: craters, little rilles and highlands. It is really full of details and this particular aspect (plan and details) makes it almost unique and very interesting.

Raffaele Barzacchi

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