May 13, 2013

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Profligately Indecise

images by Matej Mihelčič (top left), Stefano De Rosa (top right), Miguel Claro (bottom right), and Dani Caxete (bottom left)

Ever have one of those days when you just can't make up your mind? Here are four submissions to LPOD that each deserves a place of honor. But which should it be? The Moon over Brooklyn, New York, seen from the 102 floor of the Empire State Building? Kissing the Moon in Turin? The world's first macro-lens shot of the Moon in Portugal? Or maybe a shimmering Moon over Madrid? As a result of my indecision four good images are used where one usually serves, and now few are left for tomorrow and the rest of the week. This is a profligate solution for today, but what will be LPOD tomorrow?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
New York: 26.4.2013 at 21.00 with Nikon D90 without tripod.
Turin: May 12, 2013. Canon Eos 5d Mk II, 150mm focal length.
Portugal: 11/05/2013 21h43. Canon 50D - ISO400; Exp. 2sec. F/4; 35mm.
Madrid: 2012/06/04.

Yesterday's LPOD: Wee Wargentin

Tomorrow's LPOD: V-Rille


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