March 31, 2013

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Happy Spring

image by Miguel Claro, Portugal

Spring equinox is perhaps the oldest holiday, having been celebrated at least since the time of the Babylonians. Early astronomers and farmers recognized the equinox as marking the end of winter when so many plants die, and the beginning of spring and the rebirth of life, fertility and survival for another year. The Jewish Passover feast followed the ripening of barley, evidence that spring had arrived. Many other ancient societies welcomed spring, considering it to be when an old deity died and then was reborn, a renewal of life. What I do not know is why spring equinox celebrations were so widely linked to the Moon. The Moon is thought to have been one of the earliest gods, and the link of its cycle of visibility to menstrual cycles is perhaps the tie to the fertility and rebirth of spring. No matter the history or philosophy, I am ready to welcome spring and to say goodbye to this oscillating winter.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
23-10-2010, 21:03h. Canon 50D-ISO320 214mm F/8 Exp1/20s.
The image was captured at the Christ the King monument. in Almada, facing Lisbon and the Tagus River.

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