March 18, 2013

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Please Have Your Passport Out

image from NASA by way of Wikipedia

No matter you were launched aboard the most powerful vehicle built to date, nor that you flew about half a million miles through the most harsh environment, or that you wrote history leaving your footsteps on another world, if you are to enter US territory, you must declare it. Since cargo is only rocks and dust, Agriculture puts no objections; Health services are crossing their fingers that no additional passenger came aboard and more than one officer wonders why Lt. Colonel Collins appears departing from the Moon instead of Florida.

Patricio Leon (Nunki)

Note from CAW; Thanks to Patricio for doing another LPOD. I arrived in Houston on Sunday for the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference - the first, called by some younger participants the lunar rock fest, occurred in 1970 to report on the Apollo 11 samples, that thankfully successfully cleared customs. I am surprised there wasn't a steep import duty because of their value.

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