March 17, 2013

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A Russian Masterpiece

image by Александр Ястребов (Alexander Jastrebov), Bryansk, Russia

Beautiful tones and dramatic shadows in Alexander's stunning image bring to mind the amazing photographs of the models of Nasmyth and Carpenter from the late 1800s. The part that draws the eye here is the low mound at left center that is cut by the rectangular Triesnecker Rilles. Study this area and its connection to Hyginus, and that rille system's links to the Ariadaeus Rille. And then tighten your focus to look closely at the north side of Agrippa, the half shadowed crater near bottom center. It appears that a flow of material, presumably from the crater, covers an area about 0.5 to 1 crater diameter to the north. The flow is smoother textured than the rubbly terrain on either side. There is almost no sign of this on the LRO QuickMap because of the higher illumination. It doesn't look like impact melt on QuickMap, perhaps it was a flow of rim debris dislodged and mobilized by some strong moonquake.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Feb 17,18, 2013. 40cm telescope, Basler asA640-100gm, IR-pass filter.

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