March 15, 2013

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Lunar Globe of Greatness

image by Jose Cabello

Jose submits this excellent image, made all the more remarkable by being taken with an entry level 90 mm refractor costing $200. As Jose wrote, not everyone can have a Takahashi! Of course, his camera cost more than twice as much as the telescope so that helps explain the quality. This is an image that anyone with any telescope could be proud of. The processing is also excellent, in particular dark areas, such as the dark halo craters (DHC) on the floor of Alphonsus, show up like black beacons. Other DHC are visible in Nectaris and on the floor of Atlas, and the dark deposits are conspicuous at Apollo 17.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Feb 23, 2013, 19:30UTC. Astromaster90 and Dmk21au618 and IR-Pass Filter 685nm; small mosaic of 15 images.

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