March 14, 2013

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A Pope's Present

Apollo 14 image AS14-71-9885 from LPI Apollo Image Atlas

Introduction from CAW: To honor the historic selection of a new pope today's LPOD is from the most fervent LPOD supporter in Argentina. Patricio originally made this for use next week while I will be in Houston but this event seems too momentus not to commemorate. I also note that this is a big deal where I work at Wheeling Jesuit University (though non-religious). Pope Francis was trained in science, and as a Jesuit is an intellectual and a strong supporter of social justice.

This south-up Apollo 14 Hasselblad photo shows a farside panorama located just behind the south east limb illuminated by the setting Sun. At the lower right corner is the Upper Imbrian crater Sklodowska, with its characteristic twin central peak and well preserved terraces. Proceeding south (up) of Sklodowska lies the distinct U-shaped dark feature of Lacus Solitudinis, an isolated patch of dark lava on the outskirts of Mare Australe; the north tip is Bowditch, a flooded crater with volcanic vents inside it. Above and to the left of Solitudinis is a striking polygonal basin, Milne, with a well-developed peak ring, distorted at its south sector by satellite crater K. Despite its small size as far as basins go, 264 km, Milne shows a distinct gravitational anomaly on the GRAIL map. Towards the upper right limb there are numerous lava lakes that belong to the eastern sector of Mare Australe and, at the south limb, several isolated high mountains are evident, which probably mark a western rim structure of South Pole-Aitken basin. Finally, getting the Sun’s last rays, the dark silluette of Tsiolkovskiy and its glittering central peak stand up at the left limb of the photo. The south segment of the rim is missing since the impactor that created the crater came obliquely from the north; the right (west) rim rides over the older crater Fermi and a massive 600 m - high ejecta blanket is seen as a illuminated scarp .

Patricio Leon (Nunki)

An embarassing correction: Patricio writes: I´m really honored with my LPOD posted so soon! and really happy for the new Pope BUT... I live in Santiago, Chile and have no intention of changing my citizenship any time soon.

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