June 22, 2022

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The X File

Originally published July 30, 2012 LPOD-Jul30-12.jpg
image by Valmir M. de Morais, Ceará - Brasil

I have never been very interested in optical effects like the famous X that appears when sunrise occurs for rim ridges of the craters La Caille, Blanchinus and Purbach. These features have no particular geologic or scientific significane and thus aren't intrinsically important. But I chanced to observe the same evening that Val obtained this mosiac and I must say it was striking to stumble onto the X. It is unmistakable and it was neat to see it. So I won't make up a story about the reasons for uneven rim heights, but just say that the Moon is always a delight to observe.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2012 July 25, 23h25 to 23h45 (UT). Telescope Celestron 203 mm, f/10. Camera Canon T1i (500D). 17,219 images to compose the mosaic of the Moon. Software: EOS Camera Movie Record V0.3.1.1 , Registax V5.1, Microsoft Image Composite Editor, Infanview V4.2 and Image Analyzer 1.2.9.

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