July 4, 2007

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Happy Independence Day

image by Elias Chasiotis, Markopoulo, Greece

For people in the USA the 4th of July is Independence Day, celebrating the birth of our country. The US is a democracy, mostly, and our founders looked back to the world’s first democracy in Athens for inspiration. Elias’ image of the rising Moon over the Acropolis, the symbol of ancient Greece, is a fitting LPOD for today. And the scaffolding around the Acropolis is also fitting, for democracy must be tended and strengthened to continue to exist. Happy 4th of July to all!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
On June 29 there was a nearly full moon (99.15% lit) rising from the Acropolis in bright twilight and the view was wonderful. 29 June 2007, Canon EOS 400D, 70-200mm F4L lens.

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