July 19, 2013

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You Will Need Tri-Focals

image by Avani Soares, Brazil

The Alpine Valley is a spectacular lunar valley that divides the Montes Alpes. It extends 166 km from Mare Imbrium basin, toward the east-northeast to the edge of Mare Frigoris. The valley is narrow at both ends and extends to a maximum width of about 10 km along the middle portion. The floor of the Valley is a flat surface, flooded by lava and cut by a narrow slit (rille like). This slit is a well known and challenging goal for telescopic observation from Earth. The south side of the Valley is straighter than the north side, which is slightly sloped and uneven. Most likely, this valley is a graben that was subsequently flooded with lava. This valley was discovered in 1727 by Francesco Bianchini.

Avani Soares

Technical Details
July 16, 2013. GSO 12" f/5. 3 photos each one hour apart, and a 3-D projection from QuickMap. In all 3 photos I managed to register the rille that cuts the bottom of the valley, something I had never managed before the era of Qhy 5L cameras. Stack of 157 frameros in AS!2 e pós-processing em Photofiltre.

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