July 18, 2013

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Experts Are Standing by To Explain the Moon To You

image captured from talk by Katie Joy and Vera Assis Fernandes

The Lunar Science Forum continued on Wednesday with talks on a variety of topics. I caught some live, but ones I missed are available online. Katie Joy's talk on the dating of lunar events is one I watched hours after she presented it. It is an excellent overview of the different types of evidence relating to the early history of the Moon, specifically the late heavy bombardment. The free Adobe Connect software allows viewing the presenter, their slides, and chat windows for comments and questions. The actual pleasure and interactions of chatting in hallways between talks and having discussions and developing friendships over meals are missing, but 200 participants didn't have to physically travel, saving $200,000 - $300,000. And the conference is open to anyone, including amateur astronomers who rarely have the chance to see professional scientists presenting to their peers. So I hope you will find time to see Katie's talk, or Jeff Plescia's on lunar domes (skip the first 3:50 minutes as the mic gets turned on), or Carl Allen's on pyroclastic deposits inside Alphonsus crater. Thursday is the last day to find out more about the geology and geophysics of the Moon, future missions, and astronomical observations from the lunar farside. I recommend catching the final talk at 2:30 PM PST by Jim Head and Carle Pieters on the scientific importance of future lunar exploration. Hope to see you in the chat room.

Chuck Wood

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