July 14, 2006

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Unrolling the Western Limb

image and labelling by Mario Weigand and PlanetWarping by [mailto: Stefan Lammel]

The western limb of the Moon is rarely imaged with clarity, but Mario Weigand was so successful last year that his image became an LPOD. Now Stefan Lammel has, with Mario’s consent, unrolled that limb to present a view as if seen from right over 90°W. This limb area has some familiar landmarks - Bailly, Orientale and Grimaldi - but a lot of it is little observed. There are some features that this perspective highlights, especially the radial valleys and lineations southeast of the Orientale Basin. This rectified view with the added names will be a convenient reference - a lunar book-end to Stefan’s eastern limb image.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
1 Sept 2005. Celestron C11 + Atik ATK-2HS camera + Baader IR passband filter + Baader FFC. Stefan used PlanetWarp to unroll Mario’s great image.

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