July 12, 2012

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From Sea To Shining See

image by Claude Navarro, Toulouse (France)

I am under the weather tonight but wanted to share Claude's sea to limb panoramic view. I have looked at Crisium many times but this is the first time I noticed the radial features in the bottom left corner. The elongated low spots filled with mare lavas are like the basin secondary chains near Julius Caesar. Also I newly noticed two craters on the edge of the Crisium mountain rim at upper right. These craters formed on rocks that sloped down toward the mare and the craters themselves are tilted toward the mare - if they contained fluids they would have drained into the sea. I wonder when I'll stop seeing things new? I'm off to bed.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
March/27/2012. Telescope C14 + Camera Basler 1300 + IR742 filter; 250 images (of 2000) processed with Registax 6' Mosaic of two images.

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