July 11, 2012

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Personal Best

image by Rik Hill, Tucson, AZ

Imaging the Moon is a pleasure and a frustration. A few people consistently achieve astonishing results, and everyone else does the best they can. Rik has a positive approach to improving his imaging. He compares his current work with his previous efforts and identifies his personal best for each area of interest. He wrote about this image: Today I'm sending you one of my best Sinus Iridum images ever. The sunrise light displays the steep cliffs of Montes Jura around it's perimeter. I like how these mountains seem to sparkle. And until this image I did not notice how squared off the walls of Maupertius are. Another personal best, continuing progress, plus with each image a more careful look at the geology and the setting, using imaging to improve skills and knowledge.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
See image for details. Montage of 6 images using Registax6 and Irfanview in processing and AutoStitch for the mosaic.

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