January 25, 2023

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Pieces of the Moon for Maxi

Originally published March 3, 2013 LPOD-Mar3a-13.jpg
mosaic by Jose Cabello, Spain

Howard Eskildsen is famous for making astronomy posters to share his images, poetry and sense of astronomy history. And now in Spain, Jose has made this one - reduced in size here - to help his 10 year old son Maxi learn names of features of the Moon. Such displays are dramatic, catching the attention of kids and others who really don't know yet how fascinating the Moon is. I know that a number of LPOD readers give presentations about the Moon to their astronomy clubs, local schools, scout troops and even on street corners, and if you make posters you can donate them to schools and libraries as continuing reminders to look up.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
SCT8 + dmk21 + 618 and IR-Pass filter 685nm.

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