January 19, 2013

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Seaing Into Humboldtianum

image by Jocelyn Serot, France

You were mentioning yesterday that few lunar images were submitted these days. You're right; the weather conditions have been awful for these past weeks. The rare clear nights are spoiled by a very bad seeing. It's a pity because the waxing Moon is very high at this period of the year in the evening sky. And the nights are long - if cold. Who said astronomy is a school for patience? Attached is an image that I've managed to take on Dec 28, 2012. I had to select 200 images out of 5000 and resort to IR-pass filter to get a decent image on this evening. And even with this, most of my AVIs ended up in the trash. Anyway, this is a kind of view I specially appreciate, with grazing light on the extreme limb. Unfortunately, I could not find the name of the buried crater in M. Humboldtianum in the 21st Century Atlas.. nor in the VMA. Is it named?

Jocelyn Serot
Note from CAW:Thanks, Jocelyn for a hard-won image! The authoritative source for nomenclature is the IAU Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, and looking at chart 15 shows that VMA and the 21st Century Atlas are correct - the crater has no designation.

Technical Details
2012-12-28, 23h48 UT, 12" Dall-Kirkham refl at prime focus (F=5m), IR-742 filter, DMK31 cam, 200 frames stacked. Processing : Autostakkert2 + Registax6. 75%

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