January 18, 2013

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Moon Bound or Earthbound?

image by Jose Cabello, Málaga, Spain

Jose's image came without any interpretation or explanation so it is up to us the viewers to read in to it what we feel. In the USA and presumably other lands a weathervane, often with a farm animal and points of the compass, shows which way the wind is blowing. The word weathervane is also often used for a politican who seems to change positions to be going where public opinion points. One recent candidate for US President was described as a well-oiled weathervane. So does Jose's weathervane point to the direction of movement of the Moon across the sky? The direction of the advancing terminator? Or perhaps the small dark albedo spot near Hyginus? Or does the weathervane with S and N letters, a beak, a tail, point to a confusion of direction, as may describe US space policy. Shall we go to a Satellite of Mars, or physically Nowhere (a Lagrange Point)? Or will we (and I am American) go where public opinion, fear or pride dictates once it becomes widely known that China is going back to the Moon this year - their 3rd trip - to land and gain knowledge for humans, Chinese this time, to return in the next decade?

Chuck Wood

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