December 3, 2018

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Originally published September 19, 2009 LPOD-Sept19-09.jpg
image by Jocelyn Sérot Clermont-Ferrand, France

ILUJ - l'image lunaire du jour - is back. Originally started by Christian Legrand, ILUJ has been in abeyance for nearly two years. But since September 1 the French translation of LPOD has quietly returned. Jocelyn Sérot, whose images have graced LPOD, has taken up the challenge of making LPOD available to French readers. I was pleased to accept the offer but only if Jocelyn promised to continue to image the Moon and submit great pictures. This low Sun view captures Gassendi as we dream of seeing it, with dramatic shadows and crisp details across the floor.
On another topic, next Saturday, September 26, I will be in Ireland, speaking at the 2009 Shannonside Astronomy Club Burren Starparty. I would be delighted to meet any LPODites who will attend the meeting. I am not taking a computer so my travel will cause some LPODs to be missed for about a week.

Chuck Wood
PS - Possibly next month a Spanish translation of LPOD will reappear.

Technical Details
8 December 2008, 17h38 UT. Mewlon 210 + Barlow 2x + DMK 31AF03 + orange filter W21 + IR-block; 600 images stacked from 2500

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