December 1, 2013

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image by Claude Navarro, Toulouse (France)

When I saw yesterday's LPOD (image by Mike Salway), I was very surprised to see how much the video technology has improved during the last seven years. Last October (the 24th, before sunrise), I imaged the moon with approximatively the same field: from Aristoteles to Cassini, including Eudoxus and Caucasus Mountain. Today, I just want to say "thank you" for the new cameras, for the new (and often free) softwares, and to many people for their advices for lunar imaging. Seven years after Salway's image, maybe can we say that it is not very difficult to obtain better results (with the same scope, of course). But I am afraid that in seven years, my own image will be considered as not good for a C14!

Claude Navarro
Note from CAW: When Mike's image was published in 2006 it was considered excellent. And now quite pleasingly, Claude's is significantly better, but hopefully technology and techniques will continue to advance so that in 2020 LPOD will publish a view significantly better than Claude's, and maybe it will be from Mike.

Technical Details
October/24/2013. C14 + Basler 1300 + IR Pass 685 filter. Processing with AS2!

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