August 29, 2012

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Winking At the Moon

image by Robert Blasius, Germany

Yesterday I did what the family of Neil Armstrong asked us to do. I gave Neil a wink when I saw the Moon. This image is a composite of an 18mm widefield for the landscape and 200mm for the Moon. The Moon has exactly the position where it belongs during the shooting. So the image is manipulated but not a fake. I wanted the Moon to become the most prominent part of the image and during Moon rise I wanted to freeze the moment of the Moon illusion.

Robert Blasius
CAW Note: You can also think of this as a view back in time when the Moon was closer to Earth so it filled more of the sky. Currently the distance between Earth and Moon is increasing by 38 mm/yr. Take your best pictures soon for every year it gets harder to achieve the same resolution!

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