August 28, 2012

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Three Old Guys

Chuck Wood, Ewen Whitaker and Bill Hartmann; image by David Stevenson

I am in Tucson at the annual conference of the Planetary Science Institute. This year's meeting is centered on the proposal about 40 years ago from Bill Hartmann (right) and Don Davis that the Moon was formed by a gigantic impact that ejected upper mantle rocks from the early Earth. An unexpected bonus was that Ewen Whitaker (center) was invited so that PSI could help celebrate his 90th birthday. Ewen famously pin-pointed the Surveyor 3 landing site so that the Apollo 12 astronauts could land within walking distance of Surveyor. He also drew the classic map of the south polar region, and he knows the history of lunar studies better than anyone - and he contributed to them.

Chuck Wood

Yesterday's LPOD: As Time Marches On

Tomorrow's LPOD: Winking At the Moon


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