August 12, 2014

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Moonlight Scuffle

image by Mohamed LAAIFAT, near Paris, ion Saint Germain en Layeb

Whether it was mistaken identity or merely loitering, the Moon ended up behind bars. Perhaps it was brighter than allowed in normally serene evening space, and the Perseids complained. There is such competition and jealousy between the stars and other heavenly bodies, and the Perseids think of themselves of being so fast and cool, but you know, really they are hardly nothing, they just insist on making a flashy display of themselves - like cosmic costume jewelry. The Moon was able to make bond and get out, bragging that he would be back tomorrow night, perhaps even a little fainter, just to show the pip-squeak flying grains of old comet dust that he'd always outshine them. And if he gets arrested again - for what, indecent exposure? - he just hang around jail a few days, fasting away until he's slim enough to slip between the bars some early morning, long after the shot stars* had given up and retired to justly deserved obscurity for another year. Don't mess with the Moon.

Chuck Wood

  • shot stars is past tense for shooting stars

Technical Details
Supermoon night. Nikon d60 and sigma 70-300 mm lens.

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