August 11, 2014

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So-Called Super Moon

image by Alfredo Vidal, L'Hospitalet del Llobregat / Barcelona, Spain

Having had a chance to observe multiple times this weekend, it was fun to see the terminator revolve around the circumference of the Moon. But I must admit that my mind has been elsewhere lately, and today I finally made the decision to announce that I am running for Congress. As a write-in candidate it will be a very long shot for me to win, but the failure of the US government to actually accomplish anything seems to me to mean that we can't keep re-electing the same people who got us into this mess. My overly wordy campaign website is for anyone who wants more information. One consequence of entering this campaign is that I may not have time to do LPOD every night. I will do my best - and try to keep political comments out of it - and invite others to send images and comments so that it will be easier for me. In the meantime, the Moon beckons nearly every day no matter how you vote.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
10/08/2014 Time: (UT): 20:32:38. Refractor LongPerng ED-80 / 500 mms. f:6.25, camera QHY5-LII mono, Green filter, Firecapture 2.2, AS!2 and Registax 6.0. Mosaic of five pictures.

Yesterday's LPOD: Either Or

Tomorrow's LPOD: Moonlight Scuffle


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